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       Individual Teachers May Ask for Additional Items, Watch for Other Lists       
2013-2014 Cannella Supply List
CANNELLA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:      Suggested Supply List for 2013-2014 School Year

Please Note: This is a general list.  Individual teachers may request different supplies.  Teachers will send a list with their individual class needs home to parents when school starts for additional items on a voluntary basis.
Kindergarten (please DO NOT label items with student’s name)
One 12 pk. of glue sticks       
1 pk Jumbo size pencils without erasers (if possible)
1 pk. Crayola crayons (jumbo 8 ct)              
2 spiral notebooks (wide ruled, 100 ct or less)
1 pk Reg crayons (8 ct)         
1 Fiskars for Kids scissors (Blunt tip)
1 pk. Crayola brand crayons (reg. size, 16 ct.)                                 
2 plastic folders with prongs
Plastic Rest Mat (basic red & blue) and towel                                
1 large Back Pack – NO WHEELS
1 box of tissues, larger size preferable (optional)     
Please label your child’s backpack with their FIRST and LAST name
First Grade (please label all items with student’s name)
2 boxes Crayons (24 ct)         
1  Primary Composition book (half the page is blank and the other half has handwriting lines)
2 Fiskars for Kids scissors (blunt)       
2 bottles Elmers WHITE school glue, 4 oz. (no glue sticks or gel)    
1 8x5 pencil box
2 boxes of Kleenex (optional)
1 box of pencils (#2, sharpened) No Mechanical Pencils
Back Pack - NO WHEELS
Big Pink erasers        

Second Grade (please label all items with student’s name)
2 boxes Crayons (24 ct.)        
1 box of markers        
1 White school glue-large bottle
2 Composition notebooks 
1 pk gluesticks (non- pointed)
4 wide ruled spiral notebooks (70 pages each/single subject)    
1 pencil box
2 pkgs  Wide ruled notebook paper               
2 boxes sharpened #2 pencils
2 boxes tissues (optional)      
Back Pack – NO WHEELS
1 pk large erasers
Third Grade     
Crayons (box of 24)/colored pencils/markers (pick one only)     
erasers (2 bars)
Glue sticks (4 pk)      
scissors (blunt)
2 packs wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper    
Highlighters (4 pk)
Pencils (Ticonderoga)   NO MECHANICAL PENCILS
1 pk Post-It notes (3x3)        

Fourth Grade
Crayons/colored pencils 
Pencils (#2)  No Mechanical pencils
Glue sticks & scissors      
4 single subject spiral notebooks
Wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper    2 boxes of tissues (optional)
2, 1” binders         
Back pack - NO WHEELS
I packet of 5 dividers for a binder     

Fifth Grade
2 Glue sticks   
1 dozen #2 pencils & erasers – no mechanical pencils
1 pk Wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper       
3, 2-pocket folders with prongs 
1 box of tissue (optional)
1 pk of 8 markers       
5, 1 subject spiral notebooks
1 pk regular post-it notes
1 pk 3x5 index cards    
Back pack - NO WHEELS   

Last Modified: Nov 21, 2013